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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Pristine utilizes  Enviro Responsible Solutions to remove foreign substances in the form of soils and stains. With using a low-moisture cleaning procedure, the chemistry that is initially performed is amazingly effective. In the second step of the procedure, carpet technicians will pre-spot carpet areas removing various types of stains and substances from the carpet. The third step, our technicians will operate commercial counter rotating brushes that agitates the carpet without damaging the carpet fibers eliminating soil. Pristine! Now you have clean carpet, however Pristine also include hot water extraction as a dual process that succeeds the low-moisture cleaning procedure.

Environmentally Conscious



Residential Carpet Cleaning

Pristine caters to Detroit and surrounding areas who seek quality and professional carpet cleaning. 

Fast Drying

One of the greatest perks about Pristine carpet cleaning is the carpet dries within minutes and customers can walk on the carpet at any time.

Safe & Right

Pristine Impressions specializes with using Enviro-Responsible cleaning solutions to uniquely perform chemistry to clean/restore floors and upholstery.


Interior Services

Pristine is a growing company that specializes in interior maintenance using unique methods for cleaning, maintaining and treating. Pristine Impressions offers maintenance services as:

  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Cleaning & Floor Care

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