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Pristine Impressions, LLC services commercial and residential areas providing floor and upholstery maintenance. We specialize in interim (low-moisture) cleaning and restorative (hot water extraction) cleaning, removing deep soil and heavy stains. Using these primary methods of cleaning, the carpet dries within minutes and can be walked on instantly. Uniquely, Pristine Impressions use Enviro-Responsible Cleaning Solutions to maintain, restore, and clean carpet and upholstery.


Pristine Impressions primary goal is to leave every client whether commercial or residential, with an everlasting perfect impression. Pristine is a growing company that specialize in both exterior and interior maintenance using unique methods for cleaning, maintaining and treating.




Company Background:

Pristine Impressions is a startup company out of Detroit MI. Pristine Impression’s technicians has ten years of professional experience within cleaning and restoring floors and upholstery.

Pristine targets commercial and residential interiors for carpet, hard floor and upholstery cleaning. Commercially, our technicians are prepared to provide satisfactory service to law-firms, banks and libraries based on experience.


By using the low-moisture cleaning method, it is more convenient for establishments to construct business without the wait time through the cleaning process. Also Pristine Impressions uses Enviro-Responsible cleaning solutions to clean carpet and upholstery, which reduces harsh odor and clean effectively. For Pristine Impression’s services, there is a guarantee that the company will out bid any other company’s cleaning services.



Management Team

CEO / Founder


Demetrius Dixon is the founder of Pristine Impressions LLC.


Accreditation & Awards

As a Certified Service Provider under:

The Carpet and Rug Institute

Seal of Approval Program


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Pristine Impressions primary goal is to leave every client whether commercial or residential, with an everlasting perfect impression. If you have any questions please give us a call.

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